A New Year’s Resolution: Kaskade

On my birthday this past year, as you may already know, my brother took me to see Zedd in DC. That was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I do not know why I did not think of going to concerts on my birthday before. I guess since my birthday is the day after Christmas, it never occurred to me that going to a show was even an option. Well my brother enlightened me to the point that every year now I want to go to a concert on my birthday. While I was enthralled in Zedd, I also realized that I had not been to a show in too long and I was suffocating my love for live music. Something about being able to share the same room with the music artist, feeling the music thump inside my body, being hypnotized by lights, and going wild with a bunch of strangers makes me feel so alive and free. The experience makes me fall in love with the moment I am in every time. So for 2014, for the sake of a happier more fulfilled life I made a resolution I have not made before, I have decided that I will commit myself to going to as many shows as possible… as long as monetary funds permit of course. 

As serious as I am about this resolution, I have already gone to my first show in 2014. I went to see Kaskade at Park City Live with two girls I visit teach. The Church knows what it is doing by giving us these callings. I saw an advertisement for Kaskade at PCL during Christmas break and inquired on Facebook which of my friends wanted to go and were old enough to go. Unfortunately, it is required to be 21 to get into PCL and that is not a personal problem other than the fact I know hardly any girls in Provo over the age of 20. The BYU marriage stereotype exists for a reason! If you are a single girl over the age of 20 and you live in Provo, you are a rare breed; whether that is a good or bad thing, in my eyes, really depends on the level of sanity of the girl. I have met girls that are 24 years-old still living the single life and it is easily acknowledged they are single for a reason: cuckoo… Then there are girls present in Provo that would like to accomplish more than marriage in their early twenties and are still playing the field at 25 years-old while further developing themselves. I would like to think I fit somewhere in between.

Anyway, to end that tangent, Grace was eligible to attend and shared her desire to go with me. So we bought tickets the next day and  two weeks later Kaskade was amazing. He is actually a local artist and has made quite a name for himself with his great contributions to the EDM world. Grace, Jocelyn and I were able to literally touch the stage for the majority of the show thanks to Jocelyn’s perseverance to get us to the front. She loves Kaskade. She flew out to LA by herself just to see him one time. I think I am in love too, or at least in love with EDM. Lately, it has felt like my life force. I have had artists like Kaskade, Rebecca & Fiona, and Sub Focus literally on repeat for the past couple weeks as I feel it is the only way I can get anything productive done. I just recently got out of a long term relationship and I guess the beats are helping my heart recover. 

Another tangent ended. Driving up to Park City took about an hour from Provo. Then after we got there it took about an hour to find parking because of the Sundance Film Festival traffic. After we found parking we went to Wasatch Bar & Grill to fill up on a burger, laugh at random polygamy references on the menu, and made our way down Main Street for the show.


The next five hours we spent dancing and sweating in a club of strangers. Delicious. Well, even though I was more than content with the show, there was a certain male also present in the venue that I wanted to see but unfortunately he was Lost At Sea. However, that is a different story so on that note: enjoy the pics and listen to Turn It Down by Kaskade and Rebecca & Fiona   ;) 



Bow-ties & Sparkles

Yet another Bow-ties event. I just think that these parties are a fabulous way to have a reason to dress up, meet people, share a drink, and listen to good music. Molly helped co-host the last one, Bow-ties & Sundresses, right before school began last August. That one was so exciting for me because everyone I was close to came, all the food got eaten, and people socialized on their own so I didn’t have to entertain. When Alayna suggested we have a party together, I knew it was the perfect time to do another Bow-ties party. This time I knew a bunch of new people and we had a fun new idea of everything sparkly for the new year, thus: Bow-ties & Sparkles. After we made the Facebook event page and the date started getting closer it was funny to hear girls ask if guys were invited. DUH! First of all guys are Always invited. Second of all, it is BOW-ties & Sparkles for a reason… otherwise we’d just call it Sparkles! So night of the party a bunch of guys showed up and I think the confusion was cleared up. I was presently surprised with the turn out. Around the same amount of people came to this Bow-ties as last time, maybe 100, but this time I got to meet a lot more people than I did last time. It is funny how people bring different crowds of people with them but we all have mutual friends. All in all, the night was way fun and worth the stress. I can’t wait for the next one!

Chloe, or Zhang Xixi, is a special friend of mine. We met about two years ago when I was studying abroad at her university in China. She wanted to be friends with me to help improve her English and I wanted to be friends with her to help improve my Chinese.

Chloe impressed me right away with her confidence and curiosity. Most of the Chinese students I met were extremely shy and intimidated of me as a foreigner. Chloe on the other hand had so many questions about American culture and was not afraid to ask. Since she was so comfortable conversing with me, I was able to ask her questions and learn so much more about the Chinese culture.

We quickly became good friends and began travelling together in China during school breaks. Before I left China, she shared with me her desire to come study in America although she was afraid of her parents response. Naturally, I told her she must come to America if that is her passion and her parents will just have to deal. I hypothetically offered that when she got to America I would show her around. I never thought that offer would be called upon!

About a year after that conversation, last August 2013, she was moving to Oklahoma to study abroad. I was able to then invite her to spend Thanksgiving with me in Utah and Christmas with me and my family in West Virginia! What a dream come true! I was able to reunite with a friend from a totally different culture half way around the world and show her all about American and Christian culture first-hand. We had so much fun together and bonded on a whole new level. I love this Chinese girl and I know now she will always be apart of my life. It was hard to say good-bye but this time we knew it was really just a see-ya later.

22 Years-Old

Today is the last day I will be 22 years-old for the rest of my life. Tomorrow I will be older than my mom was when she had me! I am thankful for all of the Hard work she has put in for me to help me become the woman I am aspiring to be. 

Twenty-two has been a good year. 

I moved to back to my roots in Utah and started finishing my schooling at BYU. I got all A’s for the first time since like middle school. I got into the journalism program at BYU and officially finished two years of Chinese. I got an awesome job, got laid off, just to get hired the next day with an even better job. I worked over 40 hours almost every week this summer with two jobs. I have earned and spent more money this year than I have ever before in my life. 

I moved into my first apartment, and might I say it is luxury living for college life. I went from Provo to Vegas and back all within 24 hours. I finally went on my first road trip with friends (one of my bucket list desires). I was in an official relationship for the first time in years; that has been an adventure. I have eaten more chocolate and drank more Monsters than I thought possible (definitely don’t recommend but that is what happens when I don’t get sleep, which has been the story of my life since summer). I love planning parties and I finally planned and had the party of my dreams. This year, I was finally able to make friends that have the same beliefs and values as me. I have lived the closest to, as well as, seen and visited the temple more than I have ever before. I have seen people my age in garments and attended to missionary callings, farewells, and homecomings for the first time in my life. 

I reunited with my Chinese, friend I made during my time in China, and showed her the true meaning of Christmas. I struggled through times of conflicting priorities and really had my priorities redefined in the past year. This year has been a roller-coaster for sure, but mostly an uphill one. I have been thrilled to see the fruit of some of my labors and begin to see some of my dreams come true. I am So thankful to each person that made this past year special and have helped me get closer to achieving my dreams. Considering twenty-two is a precursor to twenty-three, I am anxious to get this next year of my started and make it the next best year I have had so far! Yay! 23! 


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